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July 21, 2023

SCRC Gallery Walk

Shining a Light on Student Innovation

After completing a semester-long practicum, Poole College students showcase their innovative solutions to real-world problems at the annual SCRC Gallery Walk.

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Alumna Fran Lawrence Returns to NC State as University Controller

Fran, who earned a bachelor’s in accounting in 1995 and a Jenkins MAC degree in 1996, now oversees fiscal accountability, accuracy and reporting for the $2 billion university operation. 

Get to know Fran
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Jenkins MBA Students Win Big at NC State eGames

Jenkins MBA students bring their business concepts to life at NC State University’s annual eGames competition.

Explore their bright ideas
Miller Fellow

Poole College Alumni Accept Miller Fellowships to Focus on Their Startups

NC State Innovation and Entrepreneurship announced the newest cohort of Miller Fellows – featuring two young entrepreneurs from Poole College.

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William Kimbrell

Poole Advisory Board Spotlight: William Kimbrell ’09

William Kimbrell shares a simple mantra that helped him build an impactful career at Cotton Incorporated, and discusses how foundational life lessons will prepare students for today’s workforce.

Hear from Kimbrell

Jenkins MBA Program Debuts Hybrid Courses With “PACKed Saturdays”

Packed Saturdays

Starting this fall, the Jenkins MBA program will launch a hybrid course format to enhance the MBA experience for online students.


In the new format, 16-week courses will feature four in-person sessions on campus – one Saturday per month – in order to increase engagement and enrich learning.


These sessions will allow students to interact more deeply with course content, make valuable in-person connections and enjoy face-to-face time with faculty and peers. The remainder of the course content will be delivered online.

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ERM Report Reveals Risk Management Processes Continue to be Outpaced by Growing Risks

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Poole College’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative compiled a study that suggests risk governance processes lack robustness and maturity amongst many organizations within the U.S.

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