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August 7, 2023


Monthly newsletter with short, actionable insights stemming from research and teaching at the NC State Poole College of Management.

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Report Reveals Risk Management Processes in U.S. Organizations Continue to be Outpaced by Growing Risks

Despite growing volumes of risks in the marketplace, U.S. senior finance leaders reveal that risk governance processes lack robustness and maturity.

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ERM Initiative Launches Inaugural Risk Governance Research Symposium

Human capital, emerging uncertainties, evolving stakeholder expectations and ESG: Risk governance thought leaders discussed recent research on four key topics at ERM Initiative’s Risk Governance Research Symposium.

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Should We Be Surprised That Entrepreneurs Lie?

Jeffrey Pollack, Lynn T. Clark II Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Poole College of Management, examines a complex issue at the intersection of psychology and entrepreneurship.

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The Taxation of ‘Abandoning Ship’ — An Examination of Disney’s Abandonment of the Galactic Starcruiser Adventure

Associate Professors of Accounting Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen examine the tax implications of Disney shutting down a popular theme park attraction.

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Poole College Transforms Research Into Real-World Impact

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30 Years of Poole Digital Magazine

Faculty in the Poole College of Management leverage research expertise and business know-how to drive thought leadership that meets the needs of the modern market.

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