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Jan. 2, 2023


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Most Read in 2022

As a business school at a Research I and land-grant university, our goal is to put applied research in people's hands –– and use what we know for the good of all.


In the first issue of the new year, we invite you to take a look at the top 10 articles in 2022.

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No. 1: What Gen Z and Millennials Want on Instagram vs. TikTok

Heather Dretsch, assistant professor of marketing, explains how important it is for brands to understand the consumer psychology driving current social media behavior when planning a social media presence and content.

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No. 2: North Carolina Set to Become the Newest 0% Corporate Income Tax Rate State

One key provision in the North Carolina state budget was the gradual decline in state corporate income tax rates.

Poole College of Management assistant professor of accounting, Nathan Goldman, explains the impact for NC corporations.

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No. 3: The Happiest Place on Earth? A Look Inside Disney’s Tax and Non-Tax Battle with the State of Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that strips Walt Disney Company of its special status that previously allowed it to function as its own municipal government. Poole College accounting professors Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen take a closer look at what this bill means for Florida residents’ and Disney’s taxes. 

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No. 4: What Does the Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase Mean for Consumers and Businesses?

The Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 0.75%. Compared to recent Fed rate changes, this is quite a large increase, so let’s look at a few commonly asked questions.

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No. 5: Poole Accounting Professors Weigh in on Inflation Reduction Act

Poole College faculty members Don Pagach, professor of accounting and director of research for the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, and Rob Whited, associate professor of accounting, critique these two tax changes, as well as one proposed tax issue that was removed from the final act as a condition of Sinema’s support.

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