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June 11, 2021


Leaving a Legacy

RSM US Foundation joins family and friends of the late Peter Wilson to establish the RSM Peter S. Wilson Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship for accounting students.

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Apathy’s Effect on COVID Vaccinations

After the initial boom of COVID vaccines made their way across the country, the rate of vaccinations has fallen. But is it hesitancy or apathy that is keeping people at bay? Stacy Wood's research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that the most effective communications strategies to influence these two groups can differ drastically. 

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COVID & Unemployment: Behind the Numbers

To better understand the most recent unemployment numbers, Poole College of Management professor of economics Steve Allen provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Ken Rhone Finds Balance Between Boeing and MBA

When Ken Rhone entered the Jenkins MBA Program in 2017, he brought with him the experience that can only come with more than 20 years in the workforce.

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Building Community Through Technology During COVID-19

By leveraging new technologies and exchanging best practices, Bonnie Hancock is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with a more holistic, collaborative approach to her role as a professor of practice.

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Pro Tips: Chris Hitch Shares 3 Essential Questions for Developing Business Strategy

Chris Hitch, adjunct lecturer in management, innovation and entrepreneurship, has shared his method of developing business strategies with organizations across industries by asking three big questions.

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Poole Podcast Episode 6: Lessons Learned: COVID 19 and the Global Supply Chain, with Rob Handfield and Joydeep Ganguly


How has the global supply chain been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what lessons were learned so that we're better prepared for the next pandemic?  Poole supply chain and operations professor Rob Handfield and Gilead Science and Jenkins MBA alumni Joydeep Ganguly share their expertise and provide actionable insight into supply chain strategy.

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