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Poole College of Management, Office of Undergraduate Programs

Spend Your Summer at the Poole

Copy of Poole Student - Summer at the Poole

Poole Students,

Want to take in-demand courses with smaller class sizes? Take advantage of Summer at the Poole by enrolling in five-week sessions where you can build a schedule around your summer plans and fulfill degree requirements from a wide variety of course offerings.


Students can take a variety of online, in-person and hybrid classes that can lighten fall and spring courseloads and increase GPAs.

Courses offered during the summer include:

  • BUS 225: Personal Finance
  • BUS 351: Predictive Analytics for Business
  • MIE 310: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • BUS 360: Marketing Methods

If you have questions about Summer at the Poole courses and enrollment, speak to your advisor about how it can work for your schedule.

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