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Poole College of Management

March 7, 2022


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Corporate Innovation

How Political Corruption Impedes Corporate Innovation

Innovation is essential for growing a successful business in any industry. But what happens when external factors – like political corruption – impede that innovation?


Salaries Surge for Risk Management Professionals

Risk professionals across the U.S. – of all levels and responsibilities – saw an average 14.4% increase in base salary in 2021 compared to 2019. In 2021, the median annual base salary for these practitioners climbed to $135,000 – up from $118,000 in 2019.

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Chrome, Cookies and Click Fraud

Google’s decision to scrap third-party cookies on Chrome – first promised for early 2022 but later pushed back to late 2023 – has come with a fit of frenzy. What is the value of these cookies and what will their demise mean? Associate professor of marketing Bill Rand explains.

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The Role of Risk Management in Sustainability Efforts

Enterprise risk management often looks at risks facing a company in the next one to five years, and those same tools can be used to look at the longer-term to bolster sustainability.

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Poole Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: The Future of Work


We’ve heard the term “The Great Resignation,” and some would argue that it should be called “The Great Reshuffle” because employees aren’t leaving the workforce – they’re finding the greener grass at another company.


So what can employers do to build an attractive corporate culture and retain talent?


Learn from Beth Ritter, professor of practice in human resource management, and Teena Piccione, managing director at Google Cloud.


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