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Sept. 6, 2022


Monthly newsletter with short, actionable insights stemming from research and teaching at the NC State Poole College of Management.

NC State Ethical Apparel Index copy

Leading the Charge for Ethical Apparel

Led by NC State Poole researchers, the Ethical Apparel Index will promote sustainable practices by identifying unethical working conditions and communicating those findings to consumers, investors and other supply chain stakeholders. 

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Student Loan Forgiveness and Tax Implications

The Biden administration recently announced a multi-part plan to provide student loan repayment relief for working and middle-class Americans with student loan debt. The plan was  designed to make student loan repayments less burdensome for certain taxpayers as the pandemic-related support expires. 

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New AI Meets Profit, Risk Goals for Complex Financial Portfolios

Researchers have developed and demonstrated an artificial intelligence (AI) program that allows them to meet specific investment risk and return goals for large-scale portfolios containing hundreds of assets.

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Marketing Discrepancies: Organizations’ Analytics Are Less Advanced than Leaders Report

Big data is bigger than ever. Consumers are flooded with new messages every hour. And any serious marketing department realizes that if they’re going to compete in a crowded marketplace, they need to stay on top of it – driving improvement to their campaigns with valuable consumer insights and strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Tayah Butler and Maggie Merry Reveal the Innovative Power of Inclusion

Poole College was highlighted for its commitment to developing culturally competent employees through the Poole Pack Development Series by AACSB. Tayah Butler, assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion, and Maggie Merry, assistant dean of finance and administration, joined the Innovations that Inspire video series to share how institutions and business leaders can innovate for inclusion.

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What Does the Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase Mean for Consumers and Businesses?

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The Federal Reserve (Fed) just raised interest rates by 0.75%. Compared to recent Fed rate changes, this is quite a large increase, so let’s look at a few commonly asked questions. Richard Warr, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, breaks down the topic in the following Q&A.
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Supply Chain Resource Cooperative: Procurement Leadership Training

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October 10 | 12:00 pm - October 13 | 2:00 pm

Join us for a 4-day executive development program where you will receive the tools and strategies needed to make dramatic improvements to your organization’s procurement practices in the digital age. 


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