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Poole College of Management

Sept. 8, 2021


Monthly newsletter with short, actionable insights stemming from research and teaching at the NC State Poole College of Management.

Passion at work

Finding Passion in Everyday Work

In a new research paper, Jeffrey Pollack, professor of entrepreneurship; and Brad Kirkman, General (Ret.) H. Hugh Shelton Distinguished Professor of Leadership, set out to discover whether or not feeling passionate about work actually leads to better outcomes for employees and their companies.


Study Highlights Challenges of Encouraging Skepticism in Financial Statement Auditors

A recent study finds that skepticism is being discouraged in auditors – and that there are unexpected challenges and opportunities for fostering skepticism in auditors moving forward.

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Study: Benefits Outweigh Risks for Autonomous Vehicles – As Long As You Regulate Them

Deploying AVs onto public roads is a complex social issue, which touches on everything from ethics to transportation engineering to artificial intelligence programming.
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Making Sense of Emergent Leadership

The overall goal with this research is to help companies develop supportive climates for emergent leadership so that they can become more agile and flexible when it matters most.

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USDA building

An Economic Impact Analysis of U.S. Biobased Industries

Commissioned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and co-authored by Rob Handfield, the report seeks to address seven important questions regarding the contributions of the biobased products industry in the U.S.

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Social Media

Big Tech’s Dark Side: Killer Apps, Abs, and Acqs

Though most people agree that technology has been used as a force for good, the largest players in this industry (known as Big Tech) have been under increased scrutiny in recent years due to their size, lack of regulation, and impact on society at large.

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Episode 9: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 101

Poole podcast

Tayah Butler, director of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Poole College; and Danya Perry, director of equitable economic development at Wake County Economic Development and the DEI director at the Raleigh Chamber, discuss what we colleges and universities can do to help grow the conversation of DEI.

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