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Spring/Summer Registration Advising Coming Soon!

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Registration for Spring and Summer 2024 is coming soon! Term Advisement Holds will be added to your account this week. As a reminder, with the exception of students who have 30 or fewer credits remaining to graduate, the only way to have your hold released is through the Online Registration Advising process which will be emailed to you the week of October 9.


In response to feedback we received from you last year, students will have different requirements based on how many credits they have completed. In any case, this process will equip you with the information that you need to successfully register for the appropriate courses via the Enrollment Wizard during your enrollment date and time in late October or early November. Your enrollment appointment will appear on MyPack in the coming weeks.


*If you are clear for Fall 2023 Graduation, please disregard this email. Advising holds will have no impact on you.


Students who have 30 or fewer hours remaining to complete their degree:


In lieu of completing the Online Advising Registration Modules to have your term advisement hold removed, we have created a different process for you. 


There are “3” easy steps:

  1. Update your Pack Planner through graduation and submit it for an advisor review. Note that you can add comments to your planner. (If you need a refresher, you can refer to the Pack Planner User Guide)
  2. Your plan should be approved or denied, along with any feedback, within at least two weeks of your registration date. (You may need to adjust your plan and resubmit it for approval.)
  3. Once your plan is approved, your term advising hold will be released and you will be all set to register during your enrollment window.

You will still receive and have access to our online advising modules. We encourage you to review them if needed. If you follow the process above, you will not need to complete the modules. We also encourage you to connect with the Poole Career Team for assistance with solidifying your post-graduation plans. 


To have your hold released this way in lieu of the modules, please submit your Pack Planner for review by Friday, October 6. 


All other students, including those with 30 or fewer hours remaining who have not submitted their planner prior to the deadline:


Holds will be released using an Online Advising Module. Once the site is updated and ready to go, we will email students to go ahead and complete the modules, including instructions on how to access the site. We plan on having the site available to you no later than Monday, October 16. Keep an eye out for an email from poole_advising@ncsu.edu at that time with this important information.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at poole_advising@ncsu.edu or connect with an advisor during drop-in hours. 


We look forward to assisting you! 

The Poole Advising Team

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