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July 9, 2021

Steve teaching

Steve Allen Reflects on His Storied Career at Poole

Steve Allen, who will be stepping down as associate dean on June 30, has played a pivotal role along the way, growing the college into what it has become today during his 43 years at NC State.


Health and Socializing: Why People Use Mixed-Reality Sports Platforms

Co-author Bill Rand, associate professor of marketing, explores mixed-reality sports technology and what motivates people to use these online platforms. 

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Trio of Jenkins MBAs Turn Teamwork, Talent into Consulting Firm

Three MBA students formed their own consulting company around their unique background and skill set after collaborating on a group project their final semester in the program.

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GLAM Program Closes, But Its Impact Lives On

Poole College of Management recently made the difficult decision to close its dual degree Global Luxury and Management (GLAM) graduate program. Take a look back with faculty, staff and alumni on the memories they share and the networks they have built around the globe.

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Poole College Graduate Receives Her Bachelor’s Degree at 20 Years Old

In May, Aishwarya Madhavan received her Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in information technology while preparing for a full-time career at the ripe age of 20.

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Let’s Get Connected

For someone who readily shares he doesn’t care much for social media, Paul Mulvey, Poole College Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Human Resource Management (HRM), has created one of the college’s most popular social networking groups.

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Pro Tips: Bonnie Hancock Explains the 3 Key Elements of Contingency Planning

Bonnie Hancock

Bonnie Hancock, executive director of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative, breaks down how organizations can utilize contingency planning in preparation for unexpected events, like the pandemic.

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