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April 29, 2021

Office of Undergraduate Programs, Poole College of Management

Thank a Poole College Teacher


Dear students,


Over the past year, did your NC State professors go the extra mile? Did they make a positive impact on your life? Tell them! Show your appreciation this and every year and THANK A TEACHER.


After a difficult and challenging year for all of us, a simple note of gratitude could mean the world to your professors. Submit your thank you note at:https://go.ncsu.edu/thankateacher

The instructors you thank will receive a formal letter of recognition from the Provost that includes your remarks. You can thank as many instructors as you want. Submissions can be made anonymously.




Tedd Szeto

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs

NC State Poole College of Management
Nelson Hall2801 Founders Drive
RaleighNorth Carolina