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Poole Business Guide

Poole Business Guide

The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly altered American life, especially in the area of business. The Poole College of Management aims to help our students, community members and industry partners navigate this uncertain and confusing time by doing what we do best: educate.

Impact of Scholarship

Since our formation in 1990, the Poole College of Management has made the same commitment to our students through scholarships generously funded by our donors.

Global Perspective newsletter
Global Perspectives
“But while we’re managing today’s issues, we’re also moving forward planning for the future," said Robert Sandruck, director of global programs. "This is a short-term problem; global education isn’t lost forever.” 
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Jenkins MBA Newsletter
6th Annual Innovative Women’s Conference Hosts 200 Via Zoom
“It was rewarding to individually meet each of the panelists that we invited to participate as they represent various business industries and serving in broad capacities,” said Grace Williamson, an MBA student and president of the Jenkins MBA Women’s Club.
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Sofia Marin Newsletter
Sofia Marin Brings Personal Experiences to the IBDD Program
Sofia Marin shares personal global experiences as a language ambassador for the International Business Dual Degree Program.
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Riding the Wave of Entrepreneurship in Times of Crises
“After disruptions in the past, we’ve seen a huge launch of startup companies that were nimble enough to take advantage of new industry rules," said Jon Carr, professor of entrepreneurship. "And that’s exactly what we’re going to see happen again."
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Generational Leadership Expert to Provide Free Webinars on Working with Younger, Older Generations


Join multigenerational leadership expert, author and NC State alumna Raven Solomon next Friday as she hosts two free, interactive webinar sessions to help our community better understand and work with individuals from other generations.


Choose from her “Leading Your Parents” session (for younger professionals) or the “Understanding and Motivating Gen Z” session (for senior leaders).

Thought Leadership and Research Impact

Student Success